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Solar power is becoming the most competitive energy supply in almost every corner of the world. At the same time, sector coupling is making it possible to use solar energy in a wider range of applications, e.g. for heating, climate control, and e-mobility. When it comes to making a choice, customers are looking for convenience and security. A smart energy system can strike the perfect balance while at the same time generating a high ROI in the case of self-consumption. The increased demand for solar systems makes the installing business one of the fastest growing trades worldwide.

We offer you market leading brands and components

emerce Africa focuses on a concentrated portfolio of high-quality components to offer you as a solar newcomer the most efficient energy systems.

Explore a wide range of smart energy systems:

  • Solar Inverter
  • Battery Inverter
  • Data Manager
  • Energy Storage,
  • Heat-pumps
  • Mounting Systems
  • Solar Panels
  • Accessories, and more.

Your benefits in offering photovoltaic installations

In recent years, costs for solar energy have decreased significantly. This provides you with powerful arguments to convince prospective PV customers: thanks to optimized self-consumption of the produced solar power, intelligent energy systems offer rapid ROI and ever-greater independence from rising electricity costs.

We provide you with future-proof systems, consisting of high quality and premium components. In addition to the optimized self-consumption, the system also gives the user a clear overview of the energy usage in their household, making it a profitable investment for your clients and therefore for you as installer.

Advantages of photovoltaic:

  • Production of reliable, independent and green electricity
  • PV systems can be constructed in different sizes depending on energy consumption and space available
  • Easy implementation for installers due to planning tools and pre-configured energy packages by emerce Africa

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We offer a wide range of high quality products all the way from solar batteries and panels to small digital components for the smart home experience.
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Becoming a PV installer with emerce Africa

emerce Africa enables you to become a professional photovoltaic installer who can implement a wide range of solar installations.

But we don’t stop there. As soon as you are trained, we will connect you with clients and make sure that you can immediately tap into this new source of revenue.

emerce Africa offers you:

  • Training, webinars and free materials in our eAcademy
  • Premium products that are available in our onlineshop with quick delivery and everything in stock
  • Pre-configured energy packages for quick and easy PV installation
  • Reliable support for all your queries

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